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Much ado about nothing.

a good person is written and created by Yessery Morales (199- to present (pronunciation tip: yessery sort of rhymes with berry).

Key words: weekly links to articles, art, quotes, interviews, language learning tips (polyglots-hi!), snippets of philosophers, writers, and lots of nonsense I want to share with my friends.

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a poem about running from tigers

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Seneca the Younger, sometime between 4 BC and A.D 65, was said to have said the following: “a good person dyes events with his own color…and turns whatever happens to his own benefit.”

Like Montaigne’s Essays which have “no great meaning, no point to make, no argument to advance”, (Bakewell’s words, page 7 of How to live) this blog has random articles, scattered pieces of art that inspires me, and some tenuous connections to Michel de Montaigne, Seneca, and other philosophers.

There are even flimsy transitions to recommendations given by said Michel de Montaigne’s on “how to live”.

How to live according to Montaigne tl;dr

Don’t worry about death. Pay attention. Be born. Read a lot, forget most of what you read, and be slow-witted. Survive love and loss. Use little tricks. Question everything. Keep a private room behind the shop. Be convivial: live with others. Wake from the sleep of habit. Live temperately. Guard your humanity. Do something no one has done before. See the world. Do a good job, but not too good a job. Philosophize only by accident. Reflect on everything, regret nothing. Give up control. Be ordinary and imperfect. Let life be its own answer.