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say yes-air-ee and rhyme the last part with berry.





My name is Yessery Paulina Morales.

Welcome to my internet lodge.

My mission here is to cross-pollinate ideas and lead curious minds down the same rabbit-holes.

I’ve blogged for over 10 years about my favorite things including languages, travel, learning, fashion, psychology, international relations, and philosophy.

As for the website’s name? Per Seneca the Younger, “a good person dyes events with his own color…and turns whatever happens to his own benefit.”


“…She had that brand of pragmatism that would find her the first brewing tea after Armageddon.” –Clive Barker, Weave-World

I’ve studied

English, Spanish, French, ASL,

some Portuguese, a little Mandarin Chinese,

and now I’m studying Russian.

Jalisco, Mexico native.

My childhood was spent near Mount Lassen, an active volcano that on May 30, 1914, awoke from a 27,000-year-long slumber when it was shaken by a steam explosion. Summers were sensational days of swimming in Lake Almanor with my younger brother and sister until they left for the Bay Area come August.

Oakland, California resident.

My major from Mills College was Political, Legal, and Economic Analysis, with an emphasis in International Relations.

I organized ideas for a start-up co-founder who imagined lightweight glasses covered in dazzling LED lights that lit up in a rainbow of shapes, colors, and patterns to your favorite songs.

Then it was all about a sweet commute at the speed of light elsewhere and I was introduced to the world of High Frequency Trading (See: ‘Democratizing’ Low Latency in this secretly fascinating industry).

One of my claims to fame is that I’m in the background crossing the sidewalk in this national geographic photo.

Oh, and that I’m excellent at hula-hooping.


I publish a regular newsletter with a compilation of links to articles you probably haven’t read yet in this good life.

It’s pretty unique.

running from tigers