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“A good person dyes events with his own color… and turns whatever happens to his own benefit.” – Seneca the Younger

“Just as wool accepts some colors on one dipping but cannot absorb others unless it has been repeatedly steeped and boiled, so too our temperament immediately shows the results of some studies as soon as it has been exposed to them, but this one shows none of the results it promises unless it penetrates deeply and settles for a long time, unless it doesn’t just color the mind but dyes it.”

“But I would live to ask, since everything is bad or good or indifferent, which group do you put ‘being wise’ in? They say that is it not good; it is certainly not bad; it follows that it is in-between.

But we call ‘in-between’ or ‘indifferent’ those things which can occur to a bad person just as well as to a good person, such as money, beauty, and high birth.

But this ‘being wise’ cannot occur except to a good person; therefore it is not indifferent. And yet it is not bad, certainly, since it cannot occur to a bad person; therefore it is good. That which only a good person can have is good; only a good person can have ‘being wise’; therefore it is good.

“The Peripatetics hold that there is no difference between wisdom and being wise, since in each of them the other is also present. For surely you don’t think that anyone is wise except him who has wisdom and surely you don’t think that anyone who is wise lacks wisdom.”