Welcome to my pet project.

In its latest (and hopefully greatest) iteration I share posts which have tenuous connections to modern-day and olden-day philosophers. I quote modern-day thinkers and non-thinkers alike. Sometimes irreverence ensues. Sometimes it’s just noise. Often I’m turning over an idea I don’t quite agree with.

My posts experiment with AI summaries. According to wordpress’ AI summary, based on the information I provided, it seems my writing style is eclectic and experimental. There you have it.

Some recommendations:

Learning about Seneca the Younger on dyeing

“A good person dyes events with his own color… and turns whatever happens to his own benefit.”

“Just as wool accepts some colors on one dipping but cannot absorb others unless it has been repeatedly steeped and boiled, so too our temperament immediately shows the results of some studies as soon as it has been exposed to them, but this one shows none of the results it promises unless it penetrates deeply and settles for a long time.”

Kids Brittanica on Seneca the Younger

Favorite sentences:

“In 65, when Seneca was charged with involvement in a plot against the state, Nero ordered him to commit suicide. Seneca promptly obeyed, dying calmly in his home.”

“His dramas were slavish and generally uninteresting imitations of the Greek tragedies.”

Me on S. the Younger

Reddit user u/WeOweACock2Asclepius shares S. the Younger’s letter.

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