How to lose a nuclear weapon

Over the course of the Cold War, the United States lost nuclear materials and weapons all. the. time. There’s even a term that refers to the loss of a nuclear weapon: “Broken Arrow.” How, you might ask while you’re sipping your scalding morning coffee, does anyone lose something so important? Well, chances are, that you’dContinue reading “How to lose a nuclear weapon”

Yordi As Seen By Yordi: #1 in an interview series

This is the first “interview” (it’s very short, only a few quotes from each conversation) with friends and family members who are Deaf. My 25 year-old brother, Yordi, is using photography as a way to escape from his three other roommates, not counting the kitten and the Dalmatian, all of which are Deaf, except forContinue reading “Yordi As Seen By Yordi: #1 in an interview series”

Wages in Cuba and a quote from my former Professor of Latin American Politics

Cuba announces increase in wages as part of economic reform by Associated Press Thursday, June 27th 2019 The beginning: “Every Cuban has the right to a salary increase,” said Dariel Tejeda, a 28-year-old tour guide. “The country and all the state workers have needed this for a long time.” and the end: Ending the dual-currencyContinue reading “Wages in Cuba and a quote from my former Professor of Latin American Politics”

Nuclear incidents in the 1950s

Excerpts below from the Nuclear Files Org. Update on 4/27/2021: inexplicably, this link is broken. I can access other decades, but for some reason I cannot pull the file on nuclear accidents in the 1950s from the archived 13 February 1950U.S.A., Pacific Ocean- A B-36 which developed serious mechanical difficulties on a simulated combatContinue reading “Nuclear incidents in the 1950s”