Category: Expressions


Van Morrison's Into the Mystic

Now hear the sailors cry


Henry Miller on the mystery of attention

Indescribably magnificent


Born a weed until time arrived

Selected poem.

Fear and Circumstance in Las Vegas

I came home to a cat, her white paws delicately dancing past the typewriter, mine. Tucked inside the typewriter was a sheet, long dead, with the words I wrote by hand: “Place yourself in circumstances of want, and ask yourself, “is this what I fear?”


Sail away from the safe harbor

Catch the trade winds in your sails.


A reality-tunnel is kind of silly

Bigger, funnier, sexier


Hot, sunny, coolness in the shade

“A new background created without hope or joy, without feeling of permanence or without a conviction of its rightness. But inevitably beautiful.” June 1936, Anais Nin


Lie back and think of pleasure

Start drinking. Daydream about your death.