Nuclear incidents in the 1950s

Excerpts below from the Nuclear Files Org. Update on 4/27/2021: inexplicably, this link is broken. I can access other decades, but for some reason I cannot pull the file on nuclear accidents in the 1950s from the archived 13 February 1950U.S.A., Pacific Ocean- A B-36 which developed serious mechanical difficulties on a simulated combatContinue reading “Nuclear incidents in the 1950s”

The future is the past projected

For time in both “directions” is an analogical projection of the moment just experienced. i.e. the future is the past projected and so is the present. Of course, because we always begin at t=0=1, the moment just experienced is colored by all those not currently being experienced. Everything is negative or positive, relative to whereContinue reading “The future is the past projected”

The secret fear that keeps you up at night is…

An uprising of octopi. Octopi forming a coalition of the willing at the bottom of the ocean. Going on Jeopardy but the other two contestants are octopi. Number 3 but Alex Trebek is also an Octopus Locking eyes with an Octopus at an aquarium, and in that single moment you know you will help itContinue reading “The secret fear that keeps you up at night is…”