Hey! привет! hola! salut!

My name is Yessery.

Pronunciation tip: say yes-air-ee and think of a b-err-y

Originally from agave,
raised by pine trees.

If you’re curious and willing

I’ll link


a body,




experiences that maybe you haven’t considered before.

The intention is that I drive you away from my site and fling you into the unknown.

What do I want in return? I want for the words here to lead you down many rabbit holes and rarely traveled paths. Why? Well, it’s because I love when that happens to me as much as I like rhetorical questions.

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but of all those I prefer in person. That being said, please do not stalk me.

& now some color

Hay moros en la costa

My family lived near Mount Lassen, an active volcano that on May 30, 1914, awoke from a 27,000-year-long slumber when it was shaken by a steam explosion.

Our home was suffused with the sounds of Spanish and English and the movements of American Sign Language.

I even tried to teach our dog, Toby, some French,

but he said no ouais.


Summers were sensational days of swimming in Lake Almanor with my younger brother and my sister until they left for the Bay Area in late August.

I wrote the most when they were gone.

Once I reached adulthood I traveled down the north fork of the feather river to

Oakland, California

to be closer to them.

Hasta el rabo, todo es toro

The summer I was 21, I bused down to L.A. and lived in Hollywood with Kaputski, my best friend from Mills College.

We wanted to make just enough money and something something about lingerie. Our plan failed, of course. We were broke and sunburnt on the car ride back to the Bay Area.

I went back to learning international relations and tutoring undergraduates about international finance while serving High Tea in Palo Alto.

I organized ideas for a start-up co-founder who imagined lightweight glasses covered in dazzling LED lights that lit up in a rainbow of shapes, colors, and patterns to your favorite songs.

Then it was all about a sweet commute at the speed of light elsewhere.

It was the world of High Frequency Trading (See: ‘Democratizing’ Low Latency in this secretly fascinating industry).

сейчас я изучаю русский яызик.

More details

Perhaps my lone claim to fame is that I’m in the background

crossing the sidewalk in this national geographic photo.

I’ve studied

English, Spanish, French, ASL,

some Portuguese, a little Mandarin Chinese,

and now I’m studying Russian;

yet I seem to be incapable of reading a map.

I’m excellent at hula-hooping.

If you’ve read this far I applaud you.

running from tigers