Jan 2022: Reddit

In the spirit of quality of life improvement, let’s start with this reddit thread:

“What improved your quality of life so much, you wish you did it sooner”?

A few of the more unusual answers:

“I started thinking of cleaning as “resetting” an area. After I cook I have to “reset” the kitchen.”

“Consciously practicing empathy. It’s crazy how much lighter you can feel when you’re not center stage. I learned that most things have very little to do with me and that’s a huge burden off of my shoulders.”

“Buying a lot of underwear and socks.”

“Always assuming people are doing things for a a good reason. It sounds stupid but it helps. Someone cut you off in traffic? That’s fine, they might be rushing to a hospital. Someone rushing around the store in a fit? They might be trying to rush to get supplies for their sick kids. Any day might be someone’s best day or very worst day so framing it this way avoid road rage and generally being an upset person.”

And to that end, “I do that too. And if they’re driving slow, it’s because they’re transporting a large cake.”

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