Happy Birthday Lou Doillon

An excerpt from an interview with Lou Doillon from The Glass Magazine

WORDS Lucy Wai

PHOTOGRAPHY via Instagram @loudoillon

Singer-songwriter, actress, artist Lou Doillon:

I believe that clothes, make up, jewellery are to be seen as talismans, amulets, charms. I wear boots that resemble Van Gogh’s boots in a painting he made that I love, I wear green stockings to feel like an Egon Schiele model, I let my hair dry and never brush them with a brush, because I like it when it starts resembling branches and rivers. Lately I am wearing huge earrings, because I want to be like a bourgeois person in a Chabrol movie that comes home and unclips them to call the day off. I could go on and on, but I wear my stories in a way. As I’m writing, it’s a puffa jacket which makes me think of my sisters in the 1980s who all had one. A watch worn in the inside, like my father wears his, a pair of cropped jeans like my mother, a pair of ‘80s homage Gucci sneakers that make me believe a DeLorean car is going to pick me up like in Back to the Future. 

What has been your most challenging project to date?

Life is a very challenging project.

What does purpose mean to you?

Everything has a purpose, and as much a great as an intimate one. Life is easier, I find, when every move you take is done with a purpose. Not a grand one, not a heroic one, but something. The purpose of being in sync with people you walk by in the street, the purpose of love, of freedom. It’s a marvellous way of moving, of keeping things alive; and it may seem paradoxical, but the more there is purpose to you, the less you need to control things.

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