Merriam-Webster’s Words of the Day Quiz for August

A synonym of inveigh: caterwaul (??) which means to make a harsh cry. English speakers used the word caterwaul for the “act of voicing feline passions”)

A synonym of exhort: goad

A synonym of risible: laughable

A synonym of ne plus ultra (yes, these three words are apparently one): apex

A definition of estival: of or relating to the summer

A synonym of aficionado: fan as in “I’m such a big fan of tea, I like to call myself a tea aficionado.”

A synonym of quiescent: sluggish

A synonym of dulcet: pleasurable

A synonym of requite: avenge

A synonym of braggadocio: magniloquence – now isn’t that a magical word?

A synonym of kindred: related

Merriam-Webster is a divertissement.

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