A tragedy about a cat

More than 3 years ago I wrote my friend Chris this email.
The replacement cat, Delilah. Not the Margiela mentioned below. Long story short: the fierce feline died after the third time a car hit her.

The most awful thing happened accidentally on purpose to me.
We got a cat.
i let it get this far
let’s give it a shot
i told Margiela
that’s the cat’s name
the allergies aren’t that bad
no i’ll suck it up
i said
how are we supposed to do anything
now that we have the cat?
how do the french do it?
how do the boys in berkeley do it?
and the menagerie of cats poking their heads through the gap between the window blinds and the window facing the great humans outdoors
staring intensely
now one of them
is on my lap
staring at a computer screen
my boyfriend is in love with her
your cat
“our” cat
she loves him
and I try not to touch myself with unwashed cats
because of paranoia
how are we supposed to have sex
how are we supposed to do anything
now that we have that cat??
She’s so stunning
and all cats are
But I don’t know how to move in the same space as her

his response was that it’s like a retirement plan: crazy old mexican cat lady all you need now is a mustache.