Hotter than ever

Is it hot in here or is there another wildfire? Links to articles about wildfires, climate change, environmental alarmism, and cattle.

Weeklinks – Edition 3

Firmly planted in the fertilized layer of my mind is the belief that creating is about celebrating life. Creation is you tearing strips of newspaper to form a piñata that will never be put together again. When, bam!, the palo splits open the piñata and its yolk of candy spills out. Its destruction tastes of…

Weeklinks – Edition 2

This week’s links on the secret wanderings of 900 cats, saving like a pessimist, observing the toxic clouds from fire and rockets, and plants!

Weeklinks – Edition 1

This week’s links on the causal relationship between Vitamin D + COVID-19, the vaccine-autism myth,+ PBA cards!


It’s harvest and I ask for more time without pressure.